a Forest bath

Take a 5 min virtual forest bath if you are unable to access a real forest. Sit back and watch the natural surroundings of beautiful Vancouver Island. Ironically, even digital forest imagery can lower stress and calm our parasympathetic nervous system.

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Mycology Guide

This is a work in progress and information may be incorrect. Name then photo under it. Agaricus deardorffensis “California flat-top”, poisonous Aleuria aurantia “Orange peel fungus” Amanita pachycolea Armillaria “honey fungus” Baeospora myosura “pinecone mushroom” Cantharellus formosus “Pacific golden chanterelle” edible Cantharellus cibarius “chanterelle” edible Clavarioid fungi “coral fungus” Coprinus comatus aka Shaggy Mane or […]


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Macros of Lichen and Water Sounds

Here’s another post that features a video of sights and sounds of water. Because I frequent the same place often, the clips are limited to my accessibility of the location. During this covid-19 social distancing time frame (for an unknowable length of time) this place is now off limits to car access and is bike […]

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