Macros of Lichen and Water Sounds

Here’s another post that features a video of sights and sounds of water. Because I frequent the same place often, the clips are limited to my accessibility of the location. During this covid-19 social distancing time frame (for an unknowable length of time) this place is now off limits to car access and is bike and foot accessible only. I am bike powered so I can still access this treasured place, thank goodness or I would probably go insane locked up in doors for an indefinite length of time. It doesn’t matter how many times I go here, I always find something new to photograph, something new that excites my senses. It’s springtime so nature is busy changing and providing new life and landscapes to admire. Of course, I always feel better after my bike and hike to and through the forest. The forest is like a magical eraser, removing stresses, emotions and even at times bodily discomforts. I really don’t know what I would do without it.

This past week, I have been enjoying taking macro photos of lichen with my iPhone lens attachments and filming streams and water scenes using my Rode microphone attachment. I know nothing compares to the real thing but I still hope you enjoy these sights and sounds in the digital format.

Mouse over the images for names of lichen
Here’s a PDF to help you identify lichen species


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