Mycology Guide

This is a work in progress and information may be incorrect. Name then photo under it.

Agaricus deardorffensis “California flat-top”, poisonous

Aleuria aurantia “Orange peel fungus”

Amanita pachycolea

Armillaria “honey fungus”

Baeospora myosura “pinecone mushroom”

Cantharellus formosus “Pacific golden chanterelle” edible

Cantharellus cibarius “chanterelle” edible

Clavarioid fungi “coral fungus”

Coprinus comatus aka Shaggy Mane or Ink Cap (Ontario photo)

Dacrymyces chrysospermus “orange jelly” grows on conifers, edible

Galerina marginata, poisonous

Fomitopsis pinicola “northern red belt”

Ganoderma applanatum “bracket fungus”

Ganoderma lingzhi “reishi”

Ganoderma Oregonense “reishi”

Helvella Lacunosa aka Elfin Saddle

Hygrocybe flavescens “golden waxy cap”

Hypomyces Cervinigenus

Inocybe Geophylla “White fibrecap”, poisonous


Lycoperdon pyriforme “Pear-shaped puffball”, edible

Mucronella Pendula – icicle fungus


Nidulariaceae ‘bird nest’, inedible

Pseudohydnum gelatinosum. “toothed jelly fungus”, edible

Pleurotus pulmonarius “Oyster mushrooms”, edible

Rhodofomes cajanderi – “rosy conk”, edible

Russula Xerampelina “Shrimp Russula”, edible

Russula mordax “Biting russula, inedible

Slime Mold

Stereum hirsutum “false turkey tails”

Trametes Elegans

Tremella Foliacea

Trichaptum ‘violet toothed polypore’ inedible

Turbinellus floccosus “scaly Chantrelle”, edible

Xylaria hypoxylon “Candlesnuff Fungus”

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