Water Sounds

It’s been a while since I posted here. I have been working on other projects and for the time being, I hibernated this blog. Now that COVID_19 is dominating our lives, I thought this would be the perfect time to revive this project and start adding to it again. Little did I know when I […]


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Forest Breath

Winter has descended upon Vancouver Island, making it difficult to get out to the forest on my bike. I’ve also been feeling under the weather this past while but took the opportunity to get out for a short forest bath session when the weather was sunny and the snow melting. Unfortunately the Galloping Goose (my […]

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Trees & Raven Calls

I just love that I can access this forest on my bike! In fact, much of the trail is bike friendly, allowing me the opportunity experience new things and go to new places. Along the way I came across the most unusual and unique tree with many knots. This tree appears to make many kinds […]

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Water Sounds

Today, I made a forest bathing trip to experience the benefits from listening water sounds. The sounds are soothing and refreshing. We’ve had a mild winter here on Vancouver Island, so I’ve been enjoying the easy access to the forest via my bike. Today, I also incorporated a crystal Reiki session with a beautiful old […]

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Tree Bark ASMR

Featured image appears to be an older Garry Oak Tree and the video is of a Douglas-fir tree. Have you ever stopped in the forest and placed your hand on the bark of a tree? Essentially, it’s the skin of the tree who might hundreds and in some cases thousands of years old. What did […]

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Walk With Woolly

Woolly mammoths used to roam Vancouver Island over 12,000 years ago and were wiped out after the last ice age. In fact, just a few kilometres from here, mammoth bones were found at the gravel pit over by Royal Bay in Colwood, BC. Now, there is a beautiful hand crafted wooden sculpture erected to remind […]

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Raven Calls

Heard some ravens in the forest today; was a great opportunity to test the new Rode microphone while out in the forest. Vancouver island has beautiful old growth and lush forests. This is a forest area in Colwood that I can access by bike.

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New Life on a Stump

Take a walk through the old growth forests of Vancouver Island. These forests consist of giant Douglas-fir and cedar trees along with many other kinds of plants and fungus. You can often hear the workings of a nuthatch bird, making its way up and down a tree trunk in search of food. Next time you’re […]

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